Aug 17, 2018  
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fee Regulations

  1. Registration Fees
  2. Resignation Refund Policy
  3. Add Drop Fee Adjustment Policy
  4. Special Fees

A. Registration Fees

Registration fees are payable online via ULink. The University reserves the right to change any of its fees and charges without prior notice. Fees for a given academic term are posted on the Bursar's web site.

Each semester/session the University will establish a deadline date for payment of tuition and fees. This deadline will be published in the semester of session Schedule of Classes. If tuition and fees are not paid by the published deadline, either the student's class schedule will be dropped or the student will be assessed a late payment fee or both. Please see the Schedule of Classes for the semester/session in question for details. If the student's class schedule is dropped for non-payment of tuition and fees, the student will not be held liable for the payment of tuition and fees.

B. Resignation Refund Policy

A student who officially resigns from the University after completing registration may obtain a fee refund according to the following schedule:  

Date of Resignation

Registration and Student Assessed Fees
Through First Class Day 100%  
Next Seven Class Days 90%  
Next Eleven Class Days 50%  
Next Eighteen Class Days

The student insurance fee, late registration fee, freshman orientation fee, reinstatement fee, and international service fee are not refundable.

C. Add/Drop Fee Adjustment Policy

Students who apply for and are permitted a reduction in hours scheduled during the first four class days (two class days in Summer) will be issued a full refund of the per credit hour fee for the number of hours dropped and applicable student self-assessed fees. No refunds will be issued for a reduction in credit hours after this date. Students who add classes during the schedule adjustment period are required to pay the additional fee assessments by the close of business on the day following the last day of the schedule adjustment period.

D. Special Fees

Special fees, such as studio use fees, health fees, degree application fees, parking fees, drop fees, and the like, are listed on the University's web site.