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2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Undergraduate Minors

Minor Policies

  1. Coursework consists of at least 18 hours with a minimum of 6 in residence through UL.
  2. At least 6 hours of credit toward the minor must be at the 300-400 level.
  3. Students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average with no more than one D in the courses used to satisfy the minor.
  4. Students must meet all requirements and prerequisites listed in the catalog for all courses in the minor.
  5. A student’s degree catalog will determine which minors are available to study. Students, in consultation with academic advisor, may elect to switch catalogs.
  6. All minors are governed by the college that houses the discipline of the minor, and in the case of cross-college interdisciplinary minors, the primary college of the minor. The dean of that college will have final say over the contents, rules, minimum performance standards and availability of the minor, and any course substitutions or other deviations from the curriculum specified for the minor.
  7. The minor description must specify which, if any, general education courses can be double-counted, toward general education requirements and toward the minor.
  8. Each college may specify whether students in that college are required to have a minor to graduate.
  9. Students must declare a minor no later than the date on which they apply for graduation. Exceptions may be granted with approval from the student’s major academic dean’s office.
  10. An awarded minor is displayed on the transcript after graduation but is not displayed on the diploma.
  11. Minors will not be awarded retroactively after graduation.

Undergraduate Minors are grouped according to the colleges offering the relevant coursework. Unless otherwise specified, students may choose a minor within any college, regardless of the college of their major.

Please consult your academic advisor prior to selecting your minor.

College of the Arts

Architecture Minor 
Art History Minor  
Dance (Ballet) Minor  
Dance (Modern) Minor 
Industrial Design Minor  
Interior Design Minor  
Music Minor   
Theatre Minor 
Visual Arts Minor  

B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration

Accounting Minor  
Business Minor for Non-Business Majors 
Economics Minor  
Entrepreneurship Minor  
Finance Minor   
Food Service Management Minor  
Hospitality Management Minor  
Insurance & Risk Management Minor  
International Business Minor (For Business Majors) 
Investments and Portfolio Management Minor  
Legal Studies Minor  
Management Minor   
Marketing Minor  
Professional Sales Minor 
Promotional Management Minor for Non-Business Majors  

College of Education

Kinesiology Minor  
Health Minor  
Secondary Education & Teaching Minor  

College of Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering Minor (for engineering majors) 
Bioprocess Technology Minor (For Engineering Majors) 
Coastal Engineering Minor (Engineering Majors Only) 
Computer Science Minor 
Environmental Engineering Minor (For Engineering Majors) 
Manufacturing Minor (For Engineering Majors) 
Materials Engineering Specialty Minor 
Renewable Energy Minor 
Technology Commercialization Minor 
Pre-MBA (For Engineering Majors)  

College of Liberal Arts

Advertising Minor  
Black and African Diaspora Studies Minor 
American Politics Minor 
Anthropology Minor 
Applied Forensics Minor  
Arabic Studies Minor  
Cajun and Creole Studies Minor  
Human Development and Family Science Minor  
Cinema Studies Minor  
Communication Minor (Online Option)  
Creative Writing Minor  
Criminal Justice Forensics Minor  
Criminal Justice Minor  
English Minor  
French Minor 
Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor 
Geography Minor 
German Minor  
History Minor 
Humanities Minor 
International Relations Minor  
Journalism Minor  
Latin American Studies Minor  
Law Minor  
Leadership Minor  
Linguistics Minor  
Mass Communication/Broadcasting Minor  
Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor  
Organizational Communications Minor  
Philosophy Minor  
Political Science Minor  
Professional Writing Minor  
Psychology Minor 
Public Relations Minor 
Religious Studies Minor  
Sociology Minor  
Spanish Minor  
Sport Communication Minor  

Ray P. Authement College of Sciences

Biology Minor  
Chemistry Minor  
Computer Science Minor  
Environmental Science Minor 
Forensics Minor  
Geology Minor  
Informatics Minor  
Mathematics Minor  
Military Science Minor  
Physics Minor