Nov 28, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Registration, Eligibility, and Scheduling of Courses

  1. Eligibility for Registration in the Graduate School
  2. Registration
  3. Late Registration
  4. Registration as an Auditor
  1. Cancellation and Registration
  2. Registration in University College
  3. Sequential Scheduling of Courses
  4. Change of Schedule

A. Eligibility for Registration in the Graduate School

  1. The University holds it to be the responsibility of the student to ascertain scholastic eligibility and to be enrolled in a particular semester or summer session. It reserves the right to cancel registration of an ineligible student without refund of fees at any time during the semester or summer session or to cancel retroactively any credit earned by a student who was ineligible or who did not comply with Graduate School requirements.
  2. A student who is not in regular admission status at the time of application for candidacy (normally after completion of 12 hours) is ineligible to continue in the Graduate School. All students are required to apply for candidacy immediately after completion of the number of hours specified by the department.
  3. A graduate student becomes ineligible to continue graduate study and to register for any semester or summer session if the student fails to meet the following requirements with respect to grade-point averages:
    1. The student must maintain a 3.0 GPA at all times.
    2. The student may not receive more than two grades of C. In no case may a student earn more than 6 credit hours carrying a grade of C.
    3. The student may receive no grade lower than C.

B. Registration

The University has implemented an integrated student information system (ISIS), and registration is through the web. Detailed instructions for registration can be found on the University’s website. Each graduate student is responsible for following them.

C. Late Registration

  1. Normally, the last date on which a student may register for credit in a regular semester is the fifth day of class or a summer session will be the third day of class. Under special circumstances, the Dean of the Graduate School, after receiving approval from appropriate faculty members, may grant permission for a student to register late.
  2. Students who register and pay fees at this time will be assessed a non-refundable Late Registration Fee.

D. Registration as an Auditor

  1. A graduate student registered for a course may change registration from credit to audit or audit back to credit with the permission of the instructor, the department head, the Academic Dean of the course, and Dean of the Graduate School for each course to be audited. Forms for this change are available in the Graduate School office. The deadline for changing registration from credit to audit or audit back to credit is the same as the last day to drop a course with a grade of W.
  2. An auditor is expected to attend all classes and participate in all course activities except the final examination. An auditor who does not attend all classes and participate in all course activities will be dropped from that class and will be assigned a grade of W.
  3. An auditor or a regular student auditing a course is not permitted to take an advanced placement examination or credit examination on work audited.
  4. An audited course may be repeated for credit.

E. Cancellation and Registration

  1. A student who registers in the University and who must cancel registration after late schedule adjustment ends must inform the Graduate School Office of this intention.
  2. A student’s registration may be cancelled if payment has not been received or if arrangements have not been made to pay fees and fines incurred at the University.
  3. A student who resigns voluntarily from the University after classes have begun must initiate resignation procedures in the Graduate School office.

F. Registration in University College

All regulations which apply for regular registration in Graduate School shall apply for registration in University College classes.

G. Sequential Scheduling of Courses

  1. If a student’s major department recommends that courses be taken in a particular order, the student is advised to follow the recommended sequence as closely as possible.
  2. Should a student do unacceptable work in a course necessary for successful completion of a degree, the student is advised to repeat that course the next time it is offered, or as soon as possible.

H. Change of Schedule

  1. A student who wishes to change a schedule of registered classes must apply for permission to the Dean of the Graduate School and to the advisor.
  2. The last date on which a student may make a schedule adjustment is the fifth day of a regular semester and the third day of a summer session.
  3. The deadlines for dropping a course or for resigning are available in the calendar of events on the University’s website. After these dates a student may not drop a course or resign from the University. In extraordinary cases a student may appeal to the Dean of the Graduate School. Extraordinary cases might include, but are not limited to, prolonged medical problems, serious accidents, or death in the immediate family. It is the student’s responsibility to provide documented evidence of the reasons for the request. Extraordinary cases shall not include dissatisfaction with an anticipated grade or the decision to change a major.