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2015-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University College

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Degree Programs

University College


Bachelor of General Studies

Aims and Objectives

Programs in University College are designed to meet the needs of students who because of unusual interests or circumstances would benefit from a program with a high degree of flexibility. Within broad constraints, these programs allow a student to design his/her own degree by choosing coursework from among several disciplines. University College programs may have special appeal to mature students returning to college with new interests, to those changing their majors very late in their academic careers, to students attending at night or irregularly, and to those with no particular interest in a traditional program. These unique programs offer the challenge for continued self-development while remaining versatile enough to be of value in a variety of careers.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

  1. A general University requirement for graduation is that students must achieve an overall adjusted grade point average of 2.0. In addition, students must achieve a grade of “C” or better in all courses used in their concentration.
  2. To be eligible for the baccalaureate degree, students must complete 45 hours at the upper level, 12 of which must be at the 400 level.
  3. A candidate for the Bachelor of General Studies degree must be registered as a major in University College.
  4. A maximum of 30 hours of courses offered in the College of Business Administration may be applied to the baccalaureate degree.1

1 AACSB accreditation criteria require that no more than 30 hours of courses offered through the College of Business Administration can be used for credit towards a baccalaureate degree outside of the College of Business Administration.

Non-Resident Credit

The Admissions Office determines which transfer courses are acceptable to the University. After transfer students are admitted to the University, their transcripts are reviewed in the Office of the Dean. Courses acceptable to the University are reviewed individually and accepted or rejected as being courses comparable to those at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and applicable to the Bachelor of General Studies degree. In addition, as specified by the University “repeat rule,” a grade earned in a course taken at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette may not serve as a repeat for a transferred grade, nor may a grade earned at another institution of higher learning serve as a repeat for a grade earned at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Curriculum Structure

Concentration blocks 1 through 5 are identified as follows:

Block 1 (Code G001) - Arts and Humanities. Art-(Dance, Design, Moving Image Arts, Music, Theater, and Visual Arts). Humanities-(Communication, English, History, Honors, Humanities, Journalism, Modern Languages, Philosophy, Sociology 480 ).
Block 2 (Code G002) - Natural Sciences. (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Health Information Mangament, Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics).
Block 3 (Code G003) - Behavioral Sciences. (Anthropology, Communicative Disorders, Criminal Justice, Economics 201 , 202 , and 300 , Education, Geography, Health, Kinesiology-KNES, Library Science, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, Sociology, Special Education).
Block 4 (Code G005) - Applied Sciences. “A” (Architecture, Child and Family Studies, Computer Science, Dietetics, Engineering, Enviornmental Science, Geology, Design, Health, Health Information Management, Health Services Administration, Industrial Technology, Industrial Design, Informatics, Interior Design, Military Science, Nursing, Kinesiology-KNES, and Recreation).
Block 5 (Code G005) - Applied Sciences. “B” (Accounting, Business Law, Business Systems Analysis & Technology, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Health Information Management, Health Services Administration, Hospitality Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Louisiana Center for Health Informatics, Management, Marketing, Quantitative Methods).

Bachelor of General Studies (4 years)

The Bachelor of General Studies will be awarded upon the successful completion of the following:

1. Basic Educational Requirements Credit Hours
  English Composition   6
  Communication   3
  Literature (may include Foreign Language Literature)   3
  History   3
  Mathematics (may include 3 hours of Statistics)   6
  Life and Physical Science (chosen from: BIOL, CHEM, ENVS, GEOL, PHYS) To be chosen from life sciences (BIOL, ENVS 150 ) and physical sciences (CHEM, ENVS 100 , ENVS 280 ,GEOL, or PHYS).   9
  Behavioral Sciences   6
  Arts/Humanities/Behavioral Sciences (One three-hour course must be taken from the general education art electives list.)   3
    TOTAL 39
2. Concentration Area    
  Twenty-four (24) hours must be completed from one of the five concentration blocks. Only upper level courses may be counted toward this requirement; of these 24 hours, 12 hours must be courses completed at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Only grades of “C” or better may be used in the Concentration Area.  
    TOTAL 24
3. Enrichment Electives* (Blocks 1 - 5)    
  Twelve (12) semester hours must be completed from each of three of the five concentration blocks to meet this 36 semester hour requirement (KNEA courses are not applicable). Twelve (12) hours of Enrichment Electives must be taken in the same block as that chosen for the student’s concentration area to form a 36-hour major.
    TOTAL 36
4. Electives    
  Twenty-one (21) credit hours are selected in consultation with the student’s advisor. One three-hour course must be computer literacy unless Computer Literacy course is taken somewhere else in the curriculum and one three-hour course must be a writing-intensive course unless applied elsewhere in the curriculum.   
    TOTAL 21

Special Instructions

Although the academic rules and regulations printed towards the end of this Catalog will usually successfully guide students through their academic careers at the University, some of these rules and regulations appear to require amplification.

  1. First time freshmen may declare General Studies as their major only with the permission of the Dean of University College.
  2. It is desirable that students use the first 2 years of study to complete freshman and sophomore core requirements (i.e., basic educational requirements). It is through these core courses that students will acquire a basic body of knowledge appropriate for an educated person, together with skills in written and oral communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  3. Prior to enrty into University College, a student must first present a transcript for evaluation by the advisor or Dean. The student must also present a 250 word essay explaining why the student wants to change their major, what they plan to accomplish by changing their major, and how they plan to use their Bachelor of General Studies.
  4. A maximum of 30 hours of courses offered through the College of Business Administration can be used for credit toward the Bachelor of General Studies degree. QMET 251 , QMET 352 , CMPS, ECON 201 , ECON 202 , ECON 250 , ECON 300 , CNED and HIM are excluded from this 30 hour maximum.
  5. To enter Upper Division, all University College majors must:
    1. Have completed all remedial courses and 30 additional hours.
    2. Have an adjusted grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
    3. Have completed ENGL 102  with a grade of “C” or better and MATH 103  or MATH 105  or its equivalent with at least a grade of “D”.
    4. Have an approved Curriculum Plan (or Degree Plan for seniors) on file in the Dean’s Office.
    5. Process an application for admission to Upper Division through Junior Division.
  6. Re-entry students who have been out of the University for two or more successive regular semesters (excluding summer sessions) must follow the catalog that is current at the time of their re-enrollment.
  7. Students are responsible for preparing a Degree Plan with the Dean during the semester immediately preceding the semester or session in which graduation is expected. Once the Degree Plan has been completed, any change must be approved in writing by the Dean or Assistant Dean.

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