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2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Housing Regulations

  1. Campus Living Costs
  2. Housing Regulations

A. Campus Living Costs

Students living on campus are required to pay room and meal fees. Room and meal fees must be paid according to the payment plan selected at or before registration. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Housing costs vary depending on the residence hall or apartment in which the student lives, as well as on whether the residence is a private room or one with multiple occupants. Meal plans vary by the number of weekly meals provided. Specific information regarding room and board rates and policies are available from the Housing Office and the University’s web site

Housing Information

  1. Semester Periods
    Semesters for housing purposes shall be defined as the period beginning with the first day of classes for an individual semester and ending at 2:00 p.m. the day after the last day of regularly scheduled finals for that semester. The period covered by room and board charges shall be for the semester indicated on the application and shall not include any break periods.
  2. Semester Breaks
    Periods between semesters are called breaks. Limited housing without meals may be offered for the breaks between semesters. Students interested in such housing must apply at the Housing Office and pay a specified fee prior to the day before the first day of finals for the semester immediately preceding the break requested.
  3. Rental Rates and Payments
    Rates listed for residence halls are per person, per semester.
  4. Application Process
    Applications must be submitted with the appropriate fees. Assignments are made for an academic year; therefore, those students attending school for the fall semester will have the same room assignment in the spring. When requesting a residence hall assignment, consider the characteristics of each hall. If requesting a private room, so indicate on the application and submit the appropriate fees.
  5. Assignments
    Residence hall assignments are based on the date the deposit and prepayment are received in Housing.
    Residence hall and roommate preferences may be indicated on the application, and when possible, these preferences will be granted if both parties have applied before the deadline and have made the necessary deposits and prepayments.
  6. Roommates
    Students who wish to room together in the residence hall should submit their housing application together and request each other as roommates. Every effort will be made to honor roommate requests. Be sure that each person meets the requirements of the requested hall if restrictions apply.
  7. The Residence Halls
    University of Louisiana at Lafayette has 6 residence halls. Each hall has reception areas and microwaves, computer labs, study rooms and laundry facilities.
  8. Rooms
    University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s residence halls are equipped with air-conditioning, twin-size beds, mini-blinds, desks, drawers, closets, local telephone service, including voice-mail service and cable television service. Students must provide their own telephone and television. Only touch-tone telephones can access the voice-mail system.
  9. Regulations
    Residents of Housing on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus are subject to the stipulations of the housing application sheet, room and board rate sheet, residence hall handbook, and code of student conduct. If a student has questions, they should contact or visit the Housing
    Department of Housing
    Student Union, Room 240
    P. O. Box 42690
    Lafayette, LA 70504
    Phone: (337) 482-6471
    Fax: (337) 482-6124
    email: housing@louisiana.edu
  10. Family Housing
    Family housing is available for students that are married or have dependent children in their care. For more information contact the Housing Office.
  11. Miscellaneous Fees and Lines
    A fee of .10 per check will be charged to students cashing checks in the Student Cashiers Center and Business Office. In addition, a $15.00 penalty will be assessed for any NSF check returned by the bank.
  12. Campus Living Cost Refunds
    Students who voluntarily withdraw from the University may apply for a refund of room and board costs. If approved, refunds are made according to the housing refund schedule.

B. Housing Regulations

The University recognizes that a student’s total education is influenced by the nature and quality of the living environment in the Residence Halls that will be conducive to broad intellectual growth and greater participation in the life of the academic community.

A University of Louisiana System rule requires that all unmarried, full-time undergraduate students, regardless of age or whether or not emancipated, live in on-campus residence halls as long as space is available. The rule further states that in the event a College or University under the Board of Supervisors cannot provide adequate housing for all students in this category, they may be exempt according to the following priorities: (1) Those students residing with parents, grandparents, married brother or married sister, or in supervised fraternity or sorority housing; (2) Seniors; (3) Juniors; (4) Sophomores; (5) Freshmen. Since the University can house only a relatively small percent of its enrollment, the first three categories have been automatically exempted. Therefore, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette requires that all full time freshman students:

  1. Reside on campus in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Residence Halls, or
  2. Apply for and receive an exemption from this requirement. Such applications for exemption must be made at the Housing Office, Student Union, Room 240, at any time but prior to the first day of classes for the spring or fall semester at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. (If you are enrolling for the summer session you need not live in University housing; however, if you wish to be exempt from living in University housing during the fall semester you must apply for such exemption.) It should also be pointed out that the same State Board resolution requires all students residing on campus to have included as a part of the cost of such housing, the cost of dining.

    Applications for University Residence Halls are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with the date on which the application and $100.00 deposit and $100.00 prepayment are received, establishing the priority. Louisiana residents are given preference over out-of-state students. Refund of the $100.00 deposit will not be made unless cancellation is received thirty days prior to the opening of the session for which the reservation was made.

    Students must contract for housing on a yearly basis. This means students entering into a contract will be required to live in the Residence Halls for the entire academic year (August to May). Residence Hall accommodations are operated on a basis to include room, meal, phone, and cable; that is, all students living in the Residence Halls must pay for these services. Payment for an entire semester’s room, meals, cable, and phone must be made according to the payment plan schedule chosen.

    Applications for apartments for families are processed in the order they are received. The application must be submitted along with a non-refundable $50.00 application fee in order to be put on the waiting list.