Sep 29, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog

General Requirements for Graduate Degrees

  1. It is the responsibility of each graduate student to ascertain and meet the degree requirements of the Graduate School.
  2. Each student must be officially accepted as a degree student, as specified in section II.A .
  3. Each degree student must present satisfactory scores on the GRE or the GMAT.
  4. Each degree student must apply for admission to candidacy in accordance with the deadlines specified in the regulations governing the degree in question. Therefore, each degree student must be recommended for the degree by the Graduate Council.
  5. Each degree student must satisfactorily complete the required comprehensive, general, and/or final examinations.
  6. Each degree student must meet the appropriate residence requirements.
  7. Each degree student must meet minimum grade requirements, complete all prescribed courses, and fulfill all departmental requirements.
  8. Each degree student must complete the Graduation Check-List and return it to the Graduate School by the end of the first week of the last semester of graduate work.
  9. Each degree student must pay the diploma fee by the end of the first week of the last semester of graduate study.
  10. A candidate for a graduate degree must be present at the graduation exercises at which the degree is scheduled to be conferred, unless excused in advance in writing by the Dean of the Graduate School.